To provide mid-life women a pathway to transform their next chapter into one of vibrance, balance, purpose, passion, and power by helping to break free from fear, self-doubt, or overwhelm.

You ARE enough!

You ARE worthy!

You ARE precious!

Our Mission

My Awakening

I pinch myself nearly every day. How did I get to this place of happiness, joy, passion, and purpose?


No longer do I wonder what I'm supposed to do in this world. It is clear. I am here to help other women like I was who are searching for themselves.

Only when I was taught (through hard lessons) to loosen the grip I thought I had on my life did the parts and pieces begin to fall into place. I got fired (thank God) from a job I hated yet I was too scared to leave on my own. It's what I knew for 30 years and who was I going to be if not for a job title?


To Use My Voice

In looking back, I know God was saying, "Girl, quit repeating the same mistakes. You are miserable and sick. You know this isn't you and that there is so much more for you to offer the world. And because you won't do it, I will!" And just like that, I was fired from a job where I was miserable, and I have never looked back.

I always knew I had a story to tell that would make a difference to other women, but I didn't know the vehicle to get there. 2014 was the first time I contemplated being a coach. Many women friends and business associates would often want my help navigating big decisions and life changes, and after six years of being scared, I took the plunge and worked to officially become a coach. 


I’m Joni Bonnell. Since 2018, I have been on a mission to help mid-life women realize their strengths, talents, value, and purpose and I can do the same for you. 

I have no regrets even when it comes to the mistakes and poor choices I made. I believe that if even one of my choices, good or bad, had been different, the trajectory of my life may have changed from where it is right now, and I LOVE THE LIFE I AM LIVING!​

It took 50 years to find a path to a healthy and well-balanced life. The past was not always straight or easy, but my soul knew I would eventually get here.​

Being it had taken me this long to uncover my authentic self, I figured there were other women out there who were also struggling with issues of identity, value, and purpose just as I had.​

Before turning 49, my life consisted of chaos, illness (both mental and physical), an eating disorder, nearly dying, trying to please others, constantly being overwhelmed (hello, anxiety!), and bitterness. My life was toxic everywhere I turned.​

In 2018, I found Cate, my therapist, coach, teacher, and fervent encourager. She led me to truths I long ago buried and empowered me to use boundaries and listen to my soul. Through her I came to know that I am enough, I am valued, and I have a purpose.​

She held my hand through some very hard times as my cocoon began to crack open. It's uncomfortable. I won't lie. She led me to a place I never dreamed I’d discover; my purpose, my passions, and my power. I am now "woman hear me roar!"

Because of Cate, and the other strong women I surround myself with, it has become my mission to help mid-life women like you break out of your cocoon to grasp the power, purpose, and passion that is yours. Here's to your next big adventure!

I would be honored to be your coach, teacher, and fervent encourager just as Cate was to me.


Suppose my life story wasn’t enough of an education? In that case, I will add that as a lifelong learner, I have added many more formalized educational experiences to my tool bag.

I am a college graduate of Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, with a degree in Elementary Education. While I love teaching people, I realized teaching children was not my strong suit.

Since completing my undergraduate work, I have taken many courses in pursuit of higher degrees. I completed 99% of my Master of Arts Degree in Public Administration. I also took courses toward getting advanced degrees in business, organizational psychology, and organizational leadership. Through these curious endeavors, I learned (like I did with teaching) that being an administrator or business guru was also not my calling.

Where I did get passionate about more education was in specific certifications and programs that mattered to ME! Go figure...

I am now a certified Life Purpose Quest Workshop Facilitator, Life Purpose Coach, Life Coach, Functional Medicine Health Coach Candidate, and NLP Practitioner.

As a woman passionate about health and wellness, I am a certified yoga teacher (YTT 200) and certified personal trainer (NETA). I was a long-distance runner who now is a short distance one, and presently enjoy yoga, going for a walk, and exploring the mountains in Utah.