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If you are wondering what your purpose is and what you are meant to be doing, this package is for you. We will redefine and reinvent your life so you can envision a life you want to live! This journey is about awakening and beginning to reclaim your beautiful self.

How will you uncover your Purpose, Passion, & Power?
  • We will dive into the integral parts of you such as your values, character strengths, and dreams (or if you forgot how to dream, we can bring that back), to reshape your current mindset. You can, and will feel hopeful, then excited, and finally, you will be at a place that is your truth. Your true north. And let me tell you, that feeling is like none-other.

  • Our focus will be unleashing your authentic self, envisioning the life you are called to lead, becoming more confident, and finding your voice.

  • As we do the hard work together, you will become more aware of your inner critic, self-saboteur, and imposter syndrome thoughts and learn to stop them and then replace with ones of empowerment, kindness, confidence, and direction. 

  • As you begin to see glimpses your future self, we will create goals to keep you on the path to a redefined life.

  • You will develop new habits and lasting transformational change to stay true to the new you.

Twelve weekly, 60-minute, Zoom sessions.

Email, text, and brief check-in calls as you need.

Find Your Purpose Guidebook

Science-backed journaling questions

Weekly homework


Investment of $1680.00

50% Deposit






Change. Transition. Major life decisions.  We all go through it…as we get more mature, the nudging’s we’ve been having for a while have percolated so much but we just don’t know where or how to start.

How will you transition through these changes? 
  • We will get clear on the transition(s) you face; where you want to go, why you want or need this, and how you want to get there.

  • You will be able to see clearly what your new life will look like.

  • Through focus, you will create ways to stop repeating the same habits, patterns, and choices of the past and replace them with ones that now serve your new life.

  • We will clear the clutter running through your soul and weed out the noise and self-doubt to find clarity and direction.

  • As you learn to life intentionally, we will draw on the successes of your past to again move you forward

  • You will create the path ahead, one step at a time, and end the paralysis and spinning in your mind.

  • From there you will move forward, setting the pace and direction.

  • You will choose ways to make this transition or change become your new life.

Eight weekly or bi-weekly, 50-minute Zoom sessions.

Email, text, and brief check-in calls as needed.

Mind mapping and planning tools

Science-backed journaling questions

Weekly homework


Investment of $1100.00

50% Deposit





Feeling stuck and overwhelmed asking yourself what happened to the real me? Wondering how you got to this point in life? Are you feeling as though you haven’t made an intentional life decision for years and just ended up here one day? Are you wondering who you really are? Please know you are NOT alone.

How will you get unstuck?
  • Through positive psychology and mindset-shifting exercises that drill into your current belief system, we will begin to eliminate the paralysis by remembering what you felt like when you were free, happy, rested, and excited for your future.

  • You will find ways to create a positive and grateful mindset.

  • Reigniting your energy and clarity

  • By putting one foot in front of the other and beginning to walk down that path that you will have created

  • Getting you to a place where you can look in the mirror and see a strong, determined, and focused woman, who is looking forward to her next adventure, looking back at her!

  • Learning to really love yourself, free of judgment and full of hope, positivity, and excitement.

  • Learning how to journal, create affirmations, and set goals with clear objectives

  • A focus on stress reduction, self-care, self-acceptance, and self-love is a vital piece of your lasting transformation.

Six, bi-weekly, 45-minute Zoom sessions

Email and text support as needed

Scientifically-backed journaling guide

Weekly homework


Investment of $860.00

50% Deposit





Weight loss


Life can get away from us as we work, take care of family, and collapse at the end of the night. It's not too late (it never is) to get feeling on top of the world again.

How will you feel like champion again after all these years?
  • As a Functional Medicine Health Coach candidate, certified yoga instructor, certified personal trainer, and overall believer that to live our best lives, we need to be healthy in mind, body, and soul, I know how to help you.

  • I am 55 and am proof that getting older does not need to stop you from focusing on yourself and feeling great.

  • Together, we will talk about and work on the factor(s) that are bringing you down and then learn how to sustainably build them back up again.

  • Eating better, getting more movement, relaxing, have the power to change.

  • We will take your goals, and break them into achievable components that will create true and lasting transformation.

  • Nothing is a quick fix, but it can and will get done. Imagine how wonderful you will feel by the end of our time together!

Twelve sessions initially meeting each week for six weeks and then bi-weekly for the remaining six

Each session will be 45 minutes

Email, text, and brief check-in calls as needed

Access to food plans, goal planning guidebook

Scientifically-backed journaling guide

Weekly homework


Investment of $1000.00

50% Deposit