Frequently asked questions

What does a coach do?

A coach helps people to identify the obstacles that keep getting in their way, assisting them with finding motivation and pinpointing any resistance to change. A coach is typically most helpful when you’re thinking about your overall future. A coach looks at your present state to help you create the future you desire, and is action-oriented to help you to achieve that future. Coaching sessions are very directive (as am I)—clients complete questionnaires to identify goals and ALWAYS have homework to accomplish between sessions.

What is the differnece between coaching and therapy?

Simply stated, according to, here are four ways to see the difference 1. Life coaching focuses on goals and not on mental health 2. Coaching empowers you to achieve goals and therapy helps you heal from past trauma 3. Therapy is rooted in the past and present; coaching focuses on the future 4. Coaching is clearly structured and the format of therapy sessions depend on the modality

What is the difference between coaching and talking to your best friend?

A best friend or two or three is wonderful to have. But is your best friend an objective professional who you can trust to advise you on the most important aspects of your life? Sometimes, our friends can’t tell us the truth, as much as they would like to, because they don’t want to risk losing the friendship. A good coach is never afraid to tell you the truth and is willing to be fired at any time. Why not have a best friend and a professionally trained life coach?

Can I hire a coach for a short-term goal or project?

Absolutely! Some of my clients hire me to help them achieve a specific objective or project. Many clients choose to continue working with me after their initial goals are accomplished because there are even more interesting things to do! For example, one client hired me to help her get re-energized toward building her business and another needed help getting unstuck and back in shape now that she is retired becuase she wants to hike and create new adventures with her husband.

Why would a smart and successful woman over 40 need a coach?

One of the main reasons women over 40 hire me is because of the the complexity of their daily lives. Most of us work full time, take care of the home, run the kids where they need to go, and some of us even have older parents that we need to help and take care of. Often times, all these stressors add up to us looking in the mirror one day and wondering how the heck we lost ourselves and what we once were so intent on achieving. Another interesting component is that as we age, we want to find work that is in line with our core values and is an expression of who we truly are. If you aren’t doing what you love to do, even if you are successful, you would benefit from some coaching. * Are you doing what you enjoy and do you get up in the morning excited for your work? * Are you tolerating or putting up with anything that does not serve you any longer? * Is life easy or are you struggling? * Do you fell like you don't even know who you are anymore? * Do you have what you really want? These questions are very personal to me. They are the exact ones I asked myself a few years ago and now, because of getting coached, I am a different woman living my purpose.

Why is coaching so popular?

Do you suffer from the "shoudda, wouldda, couldda" syndrome? I did and felt like a failure because I kept repeating the cycle and didn't know how to get off the merry-go-round. It's exahusting to keep going, especially when you know there is something greater for you out there but don't know what it is or how to start moving toward it! A good coach can step into your life and help lead you to what that special something is that you are called to do, and can help you develop the stepping stones to get there. Best of all (at least it was for me) is that a coach holds you accountable to the work you say you're going to do.

What are some of the areas I can help you with?

As my husband adoringly says to me, "I want what you want, only more!" and this is what I will say to you. Coaching is all about you and what you need and want. You set the pace, you define the goal, and you put in the work. Here is an overly comprehensive list of all the things I can help you overcome: * Calming your inner critic and perfectionistic lifestyle * Finding meaning & purpose in work and life * Really getting to know yourself * Finding your voice * Developing assertiveness * Naming your bad habits and breaking them * Identifying and replacing limiting and false beliefs * Weight loss * Increasing physical movement * Stress reduction * Overcoming fears that are holding you back * Arming you with tools that you can use to empower your life * Learning to love yourself again and accept every part of yourself with compassion and acceptance * Taking action! * Knowing your values and character strengths and using them to create lasting and transformational change * Overcoming analysis paralysis and procrastination * Nurturing positive emotions toward yourself and others * Creating a rich, authentic, and fulfilling life

What is Positive Psychology Coaching?

Perhaps this is the best explanation of Positive Psychology I can find. What I love about Positive Psychology, is that we are looking at what is "right" in a person instead of what iis "wrong."

What is Co-Active Coaching?

According to Co-Active Leaders, The Co-Active coaching model is "a tried-and-true approach that provides a powerful process for engaging with others and is supported by current scientific research and is built on the cornerstone that we are all naturally creative, resourceful and whole and that we all possess the capacity for knowing what is best for ourselves. From this place, the Co-Active Coach comes from a place of authentic being, listening and encouragement, to uncover the best in oneself and others." Again, maybe this is best shown through a video: